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"I am very pleased with the work that Keystone Foundation Repair did on my patio!"

Patricia U.

Foundation and Basement Repair Experts Hershey PA

There can be many reasons a foundation is cracked and requires repair. Imperfect construction, improper concrete mixing, outside elements and other factors can all contribute. Keystone Foundation Repair has been serving the Hershey region for over two decades. We address many structural problems such as sunken foundations, interior and exterior masonry cracks, and other damage that might be affecting the integrity of the area.

Hershey PA Slab Jacking Services

Whenever concrete is starting to sink, there's a strong possibility the concrete slab is resting on poorly compacted dirt. A combination of shrinking soil and surface erosion can also contribute to this problem. Slab Jacking raises sunken concrete with minimum site disruption, and is a much more cost efficient process compared to having full concrete replacement.

Foundation Drainage Problems

If you suspect a potential drainage problem around your property such as pooling of water near the foundation, be aware that exterior and interior wall damage can occur. This type of circumstance eventually creates cracks in walls which over time become very obvious. Additionally, there could also be serious problems with mildew and mold. To avert further basement cracks and related damage, a professional basement repair evaluation should be conducted immediately.

Free Inspection and Estimates

In addition to providing professional foundation and basement crack repair services, our trained technicians offer basement waterproofing and concrete leveling. If you have noticed cracks appearing or other warning signs of a foundation problem, contact us today for a free structural inspection and estimate of your property. We will then outline a detailed and appropriate foundation fix to quickly and efficiently resolve the issue.

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