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"I am very pleased with the work that Keystone Foundation Repair did on my patio!"

Patricia U.

Foundation Repair York, PA

Preserve your property's value, appearance, and safety with the affordable foundation repair York residents like you deserve from Keystone Foundation Repair. Whether you've experienced storm damage or starting to notice the telltale signs of minor foundation problems, restore your peace of mind by calling on our seasoned experts.

Common Foundation Repair Issues in York

Because the foundation is the heart of any structure, any potential problems should be investigated as soon as possible. Even if you only suspect that something is not right with your foundation, let our experienced team of professionals shed light on the situation and advise you accordingly. We're prepared to handle any type of foundation issues that may arise. Some of the most common that we deal are the following:

  • Foundation damage from water leaks
  • Issues with insufficient or improper drainage
  • Inferior ground preparation
  • Foundations affected by poor construction

Concrete Repair York

With the way temperatures fluctuate in Central Pennsylvania from season to season, it's understandable that concrete surfaces will occasionally develop cracks. Even minor cracks in concrete can become a major problem if moisture gets below the surface and causes further damage.

When repairing concrete, we'll determine the extent of the damage and if it's only cosmetic, surface repairs can be easily made, yet if there are more severe problems with your foundation, we can recommend the appropriate action before moving forward with repair or replacement of the affected concrete surface.

Our goal with concrete repair in York is to leave you with fully restored concrete surfaces that are aesthetically pleasing and durable. End your search for reliable concrete repair today when you trust Keystone for issues such as:

  • Cracked concrete slabs
  • Damaged or cracked driveways or garage surfaces
  • Entrance or porch steps that are visibly cracked
  • Damaged walkways, pathways, or sidewalks
  • Cracked concrete on deck or patio floors

Concrete Leveling in York

The concrete leveling that Keystone Foundation Repair performs is meant to resolve issues with settling. Settling is to be expected with foundations over time, however it becomes a problem if settling causes concrete surfaces to pull away from your home or the entrances or access points around your business. Uneven surfaces can also increase the risk of falling and present other possible safety hazards.

Our preferred concrete leveling process is known as mud-jacking or slab-jacking. It's a less-invasive, easy, and cost-effective technique that involves the placement of a mixture of water, soil, sand, and cement ("mud") underneath the settled slab. Mud-jacking can be done on both interior and exterior slabs that have significantly fallen below their normal levels.

Chimney Repair York, PA

While many chimneys in York have been standing for decades, there are occasions when these structures begin to lean or become damaged due to age-related wear or inclement weather. If your chimney is leaning, it's often because of a settling foundation beneath your home. We typically correct leaning with the insertion of steel pilings, underpinning brackets, and extensions where they're needed to raise the foundation back to its normal level. The type of chimney repair issues contractors from Keystone can handle also include:

  • Deteriorating cement
  • Structural issues that need corrected
  • Brickwork problems
  • Visible cracks

Basement Waterproofing York

What makes our company a top choice for property owners in York is the broad range of options we offer. We realize that no two homes are exactly the same, which is why our recommendations for basement waterproofing will be based on factors such as the existing condition of your basement's foundation and drainage access.

The interior waterproofing contractors from Keystone Foundation Repair perform involves what's termed the French drain method. A French drain is simply a trench filled with gravel or rock and a perforated pipe that takes groundwater away from your foundation.

A polymer sealant is applied during the waterproofing process to help keep your basement dry by keeping water out. Existing cracks are sealed with a urethane injection process we use. Our meticulous approach to basement waterproofing often contributes to:

  • A stronger foundation
  • Less moisture accumulation in the basement
  • A cool, dry basement that can be safely used for other purposes
  • Lower utility bills from reduced basement humidity

Foundation Repair York Homeowners Can Count On

For more than 20 years, Keystone Foundation Repair has been a trusted and respected source for the type of foundation repair and basement waterproofing York residents need to keep their properties safe and secure. We understand the many unique challenges residential and commercial property owners may be facing when the search for "concrete leveling York" leads to us. We're also aware of what our customers expect from us. This is why our approach to any type of concrete, foundation, and waterproofing work we do involves:

  • Top-quality materials
  • Fair, honest pricing
  • Customized solutions
  • Convenient scheduling and payment options
  • Courteous, knowledgeable crew members

Whether it’s waterproofing, budget-friendly concrete, foundation, or chimney repair, York homeowners or business owners like you should look no further than Keystone Foundation Repair. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate.

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