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"I am very pleased with the work that Keystone Foundation Repair did on my patio!"

Patricia U.

About Keystone Foundation Repair

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Providing Stability and Integrity Beneath You

Most companies in our industry offer only a few products or methods to repair your foundation. Many times these few or single offerings are insufficient to make a proper repair and unfortunately their professionally trained salesmen come prepared to close a deal.

At Keystone Foundation Repair we are constantly innovating and investing in new products and procedures to ensure a better value to our customers. Our large and diversified array of tools and products allow us to repair almost any foundation problem. We come to fix your problem not just to sell you what we have to offer. We do not engage in any high pressure sales nor do we try to scare people into getting work done. We have estimators that are trained in the mechanics of structures and soils and not in the closing of sales. In the event that our services do not align with your situation we usually give some free advice and leave without trying to sell you something you don’t need. Our way of business has enabled us to continue to serve the needs of our customers since 1989 and on most work we offer a lifetime transferable warranty.

We offer the following products: Helical Piles, Push Piles, Drilled Piles, Compaction Grouting, Slab Jacking, Carbon Fiber Reinforcement, Custom Steel Bracing, Foundation and Masonry Replacement, Block Wall Grouting, Waterproofing Membranes, Waterproofing Drainage Systems, Brick Ties

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