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The need for foundation crack repair may be a troublesome thought for home and business owners, however, settlement cracks are often a natural occurrence that many properties will experience. If you’re noticing settlement cracks on your property, your home or place of business could be at risk of serious damage resulting from what at first might have seemed like minor aesthetic issues. When such damage occurs, it’s important that you call on the services of an experienced foundation crack repair professional to diagnose and fix the problem.

When it comes to such work, the experienced team at Keystone Foundation Repair brings with it a wealth of knowledge that’s ideal for ensuring sound results and peace of mind. Our foundation crack repair professionals will visit with you and inspect your property to determine the system requirements for settling foundation. We then prepare an installation design based upon the damage, weight of the structure, and local soil conditions in order to properly perform our foundation crack repair service.

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Foundtation Cracks

Foundation Cracks

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Interior Wall Cracks

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Stairstep Cracks in Masonry

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When Should You Call Settlement Crack Repair Specialists?

Keystone Foundation repair is the local settlement crack repair specialist to keep on speed dial. We come to fix your problem, not just to sell you on what we have to offer. Our customer-first approach to foundation wall repair has enabled us to continue to serve the needs of Central Pennsylvania since 1989.

If you can relate to any of these warning signs, it is most likely time to call a settlement crack repair specialist ASAP:

  • Your walls have thick cracks that have developed at a 45-degree angle
  • Your doors and windows are sticking or aren’t opening correctly
  • You often have a damp or flooded basement
  • You experience pest invasions like termites

For a free estimate, please call or contact us via our website. We’re happy to offer obligation-free consultations on whether or not our services are needed for your home or commercial building.

The Importance of Foundation Wall Repair

Every good home or business is set on a good foundation. Having proper support from the ground up is the most important part of your structure.

Settlement cracks are never a good sign and can lead to a range of additional hazards if not repaired quickly. If unaddressed, something that could have been a minor crack in foundation walls can turn into something much larger that needs completely refinished. Read some of the stories from our previous customers of when they knew they needed foundation wall repair, what they did about it, and how their structure is serving them now.

If you’ve noticed a crack in foundation walls, or experience any of the warning signs of structural damage, contact us today. To get help fast, please call our team of foundation crack repair specialists. We’d be happy to offer our expertise and provide a free estimate at no cost to you!

Click on the tabs below to learn how we fix settling foundations

Helical Pile
Helical and Push Piles

A helical pile which is usually 2-4" in diameter with one or multiple helical plates 8-12" in diameter are driven into the ground like a screw until it reaches load bearing strata.

Learn more about Helical Piles
Push Pile
Helical and Push Piles

Using the weight of an existing structure, a 2-4" diameter steel pile is pushed downward until it reaches load bearing strata.

Drilled Pile
Drilled Piles

A 1-2" diameter hollow shaft with a 2-4" sacrificial bit is drilled into competent bedrock. During this process a high strength grout is injected down the shaft and out the bit to wash out poor soils and create an encasing grout column.

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