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"I am extremely happy with the work that I had done by Al. John & Jake were both very professional and pleasant."

Terry S.

Mud Jacking Company With Experienced Professionals

At Keystone Foundation Repair, we pride ourselves with over 15 years of experience as a mud jacking company. Our experienced team of professionals provide you with mud jacking services to fix your concrete surface leveling in no time at all. Whether you need a sidewalk or patio leveled, Keystone Foundation Repair can help your commercial or home settle the issue.

Mud Jacking Services

Our mud jacking services provide a quick and cost effective solution to repair settling concrete slabs. The concrete slab may be put into service immediately after completion, with no wait time. Our commercial experience includes warehouses, schools, churches, and government buildings.

Mud Jacking Applications Include:
  • Trip spots on sidewalks
  • Slabs that rock, especially in warehouses with forklifts
  • Interior rooms that have settled

Mud Jacking should be left to the professionals for settling concrete slabs and leveling sidewalks. Learn more about this process and how this is a very beneficial safety procedure for any property.

Learn more about Settling Slabs

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Concrete Surface, Sidewalk, & Patio Leveling

To be able to level your concrete surfaces, such as sidewalks and patios, Keystone Foundation Repair uses a process ofcompaction grouting or low mobility grouting. This is a process where a stiff grout is injected under pressure into the soil. The grout expands in the soil forming a bulbous shaped grout mass around the point of injection. The soil surrounding the injected grouted is displaced and compacted. The grout material does not penetrate into the pores of the soil and cracks in the soil are not formed. During the concrete surface leveling process, Keystone Foundation Repair monitors the grout pressure, grout volume and possible movement at the surface. Depending on the requirements, the grouting process is terminated when a maximum grout pressure is reach, a maximum grout volume is reached or when the desired uplift a structure is achieved. The process may be used to improve sandy soils, especially in cases where loose sandy soils are encountered. Compaction grouting is also especially useful in sinkhole environments. Compaction grouting can be used in fine-grained soils to enable the installation of higher strength elements and increase bearing capacity of soils. The process ultimately increases the load bearing behavior of the existing soil.

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