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We Provide Basement Wall Repair

If you’re a home or business owner looking basement wall repair professionals, look no further than the experienced team at Keystone Foundation Repair. We have the tools and experienced required to ensure that your basement wall repair needs are dealt with in a timely and cost-effective manner, providing you the safety and peace of mind that you deserve.

Cost-Effective Beasment Repair

Cracked or Bowing Basement Walls

If you’ve noticed cracks on your basement walls, it’s important to know that these are the early signs of bowing basement walls. Bowing basement walls present a serious risk to homeowners and should be dealt with in a timely manners. This unfortunate situation is a cause for concern because cracked or bowing basement walls can lead to serious problems, costing homeowners thousands of dollars.

  • Your Walls May Collapse: Cracked or bowing basement walls don’t repair themselves, they only worsen with time, and eventually a collapse could occur. If such an event takes place, the rest of your home may collapse as well having lost its foundational support.
  • Pipes May be Damaged: Even if your walls have not collapsed, cracked or bowing basement walls can affect the pipes that run alongside them. The damage your pipes will receive is unfortunately a costly repair and even worse could cause a chain reaction of different problems.
  • Moisture Problems: Cracked or bowing basement walls enable water from the surrounding soil to seep into your home, and in turn to cause the problems that result from moisture. These problems include mold, damp, rot, and even flooding- all costly repairs.
bowed and cracked basement wall


bowed and cracked basement wall repaired


Click on the tabs below to learn how we fix bowed & cracked basement walls

Wall Grouting
bowed concrete wall

Walls that are severely bowed must be straightened prior to reinforcement

bowed basement wall supported with wall jack

The exterior side of wall is excavated & temporary jacks straighten the walls

reinforcement bars

Holes are drilled into each hollow core of block wall and reinforcement bars are placed vertically into the wall

cement being pumped for basement wall repair

The wall is pumped full of cement

parging coat for basement wall repair

Top of wall is coated with new parging

resealed basement walls

The area of the wall that's to be back filled, will be pressure washed and resealed

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement

Over the last 20 years, the use of Carbon Fiber reinforcement has steadily increased in the commercial and residential structural repair industries. Basement walls can be repaired quickly with the combination of high quality epoxy and durable carbon fiber straps. Our experienced project estimators can tell you if Carbon Fiber best fits your situation. Keystone Foundation Repair has installed thousands of Carbon Fiber straps.

carbon fiber wall reinforcement
carbon fiber wall fixed

Advantages of Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcement

  • Fast installation- most jobs are done in one day
  • Cost effective
  • Bonds flat to wall surface-non obtrusive
  • Non-destructive
  • Paintable
  • Doesn't interfere with basement waterproofing systems
  • Lifetime Warranty on most projects
Helical Tie-Backs

This foundation wall on the garage end of the house was backfilled almost to the top of the wall. The inside fill was five feet higher than the outside. This is called unbalanced fill. The pressure from the unbalanced fill caused the corner to crack and separated the wall from the house. Helical Tie-Backs were chosen to reinforce the wall. Holes were drilled at each Tie-Back location.

crack in garage wall
Garage Wall Crack Repair Tie Back
 Garage Wall Foundation Tie Back

The lead section of the Tie-Back is like a giant screw. A powerful hydraulic motor is attached to a mini-excavator or skid loader. This machine screws the anchor into the earth in a downward angle until it is secured into a stable layer of earth. Extensions are added to the Tie-Backs as needed. Steel plates attach to the Tie-Backs and are tightened. The additional support from the Tie-Backs will permanently hold the wall.

Exterior Home Foundation Tie Back
Tie Back Skid Loader
Superior Wall Brace System

Keystone Foundation Repair utilizes the Superior Wall Brace System.

Advantages of the Superior Wall Brace

  • Fast installation, most jobs done in done day
  • Cost effective
  • No excavation required
  • Year round installation
  • Can be installed if wall is damp or wet
  • Lifetime Warranty
Basement Foundation Superior Wall Brace
Superior Wall Brace Basement Foundation
Foundation Repairs Superior Wall Brace
Superior Wall Brace Foundation Repair
Reinforcing Walls and Wall Reconstruction

Keystone Foundation Repair constructs reinforcing walls and completely replace walls that are beyond repair or that have already collapsed. Our staff of experienced masons are ready to help you with your foundation and wall problem. Other foundation repair and basement waterproofing companies rely on subcontractors to complete these types of projects.

 Concrete Crack Repair Wall Reconstruction
Wall Reconstruction Crack Repair
Conrete Wall Repair
Cracked Concrete Wall Reconstruction

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