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Trusted Waterproofing Contractors in PA & MD

At Keystone Foundation Repair, we provide businesses and homeowners with exceptional waterproofing services. Our waterproofing contractors have been serving customers in PA & MD for over 20 years. Our waterproofing solutions will protect your building from the harmful elements that could end up costing owner's countless dollars. For peace of mind against future disasters, contact our waterproofing contractors today.

Waterproofing Soltuions: Waterproofing Membranes

At Keystone Foundation Repair we use Mar-flex’s proven waterproofing membranes, Mar-flex 5000 and Quick Seal, along with Mar-flex Shockwave board to provide unequal waterproofing capabilities. Mar-flex developed its multi-step system of products to protect poured foundation walls. We only use the most trusted membranes for our waterproofing solutions.

  1. A highly-impermeable membrane (Mar-Flex 5000 or Quick Seal) is applied to the exterior concrete walls. This specially formulated spray coating seals the concrete from water being able to penetrate to the interior.
  2. After the membrane is applied, a high-quality drainage board (Mar-Flex Drain & Dry) is installed to protect the membrane, adds additional insulation R-value and helps channel water away from the wall and the foundation.
  3. We recommend you install the proper drain tiles and pipe to properly transport water from the foundation away from your home or building.

Commercial application warranties require prior approval and are given up to 5yrs.

Level Membrane + Board = Warranty
Standard Mar-flex 5000 None 15 Years
Bronze Mar-flex 5000 Geo-Mat Plus
3/4″ Drain & Dry
40 Years
Silver Mar-flex 5000 1″ Shockwave
1 3/16″ Drain & Dry
50 Years
Gold Mar-flex 5000 2″ Shockwave
2 3/8″ Drain & Dry
60 Years

The ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES) issued evaluation report ESR-3062 for Mar-flex 5000 and Quick Seal Waterproofing Membranes. The waterproofing membranes comply with 2006 International Building Code and 2006 International Residential Code, or are suitable alternatives to the specified codes.

marflex Mar-flex Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane

Highly specialized, this heavy duty elastomeric waterproofing membrane may be applied to any foundation wall. This special membrane formulation sprays easily and produces a flexible seamless seal that resists freeze thaw cycles. Homeowners will not have to put up with damp and wet basements.


  • Total Solids – 70-75% SB / 60-70% WB
  • Application Method – Spray, brush or roller
  • Elongation at 70 degrees F – 1725% min SB/WB
  • Application Range – 0-150 degrees F SB / 20-130 degrees F WB
  • Weight/Gallon – 7.6 lbs. SB / 7.5 lbs. WB
  • Total Cure Time – 24 hrs.
  • Tensile Strength – 48 psi min SB / 48 psi min WB
  • Coverage Rate – 3.2-4.0 gal/100 ft. SB or 3.3-5.0 gal/100 ft. WB
  • Spray and Board – 60 mil dry thickness
  • Spray Only App. – 40 mil dry thickness
Quick Seal Quick Seal Waterproofing Membrane

Quick Seal is an affordable waterproofing membrane that seals the poured concrete foundation walls and stops seeping of any water. Quick Seal is a modified polymer emulsion membrane. It is versatile enough to be applied to any foundation wall. It is a tremendous value and easily beats the competing waterproofing solutions. In recent tests Quick Seal held up to the highest quality and most expensive membranes from one of the industry’s top waterproofing companies. The competitions premium solution performed adequately but QuickSeal (Mar-flex’s value system) outperformed the competitions best products in performance and price.


  • Total Solids – 60-70% WB
  • Application Method – Spray, brush or roller
  • Elongation at 70 degrees F – 850% min
  • Application Range – 20-130 degrees F WB
  • Weight/Gallon – 7.5 lbs. WB
  • Total Cure Time – 24 hrs.
  • Tensile Strength – 32 psi min
  • Coverage Rate – 3.5-5.0 gal/100 ft. WB
  • Spray and Board – 60 mil dry thickness
  • Spray Only App. – 40 mil dry thickness
Urethane Injection
Quick Seal

We Use Azo Grout Products

Azo-Grout 424 is a versatile water cut-off product. It solves the majority of water challenges. It is a hydrophobic polyurethane that forms a flexible and resilient foam when reacted with water. Azo-Grout 424 is approved for use in potable water situations.

Applications Include:

Municipal and utility facilities:

  • Wastewater containment tanks
  • Cracks and joints

Underground parking garages

  • Expansion joints
  • Sealing pipe openings
  • Beam joints

Concrete dams and powerhouse galleys

  • Flowing water leaks
  • Cracks and joints

Foundation Waterproofing Services Near You

It is important for you to feel safe when it comes to your building's foundation. Keystone Foundation Repair's foundation waterproofing services can provide you with that peace of mind that your structure has a strong base. Our waterproofing contractors take the time to ensure the proper steps are taken and that we use reliable waterproofing solutions. Contact us today for our foundation waterproofing services in PA & MD today!

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