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Settling Foundation

Foundation Crack Repair in PA and MD

At Keystone Foundation Repair we have Certified Inspectors that will visit with you and inspect your foundation to determine system requirements for settling foundation. We then prepare an installation design based upon the damage, weight of the structure and local soil conditions in order to repair the foundation cracks. The Inspector will then give you a FREE price quotation based on this analysis.

Symptoms of Foundation Settlement

It's incredibly important to ensure the safety of your home by getting it checked for foundation cracks and interior wall cracks. Other signs of your home needing foundation restoration is cracks from your stairway separating from the foundation of your home, as well as sticking doors and windows. Older homes tend to do this overtime, but it's nothing that cannot be fixed.

Foundtation Cracks

Foundation Cracks

Interior Wall Cracks

Interior Wall Cracks

Stairstep Cracks in Masonry

Stairstep Cracks in Masonry

Sticking Doors and Windows

Sticking Doors and Windows

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Helical Pile
Helical and Push Piles

A helical pile which is usually 2-4" in diameter with one or multiple helical plates 8-12" in diameter are driven into the ground like a screw until it reaches load bearing strata.

Learn more about Helical Piles
Push Pile
Helical and Push Piles

Using the weight of an existing structure, a 2-4" diameter steel pile is pushed downward until it reaches load bearing strata.

Drilled Pile
Drilled Piles

A 1-2" diameter hollow shaft with a 2-4" sacrificial bit is drilled into competent bedrock. During this process a high strength grout is injected down the shaft and out the bit to wash out poor soils and create an encasing grout column.

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